AmbiVolt manufactures state-of-the-art solar mounting systems for flat and pitched roofs. Our systems guarantee fast mounting, flexibility on the roof and an analysis complying by all means with the codes. Thanks to the close collaboration with installers and permanent enhancements, AmbiVolt often proved to be a trend-setter.

Our range of products include in particularity AmbiLight, wind tunnel-tested, low-ballast flat roof systems with east/west orientation, engineered to optimally adapt to different roof conditions and to guarantee maintenance accessibility of the electrical installation at any time due to the integrated “Top Path”. For pitched roofs we offer the convenient and easy to install AmbiMicro and AmbiNano systems suited for corrugated metal sheets as well as the newly developed twice to triply adjustable AmbiHook roof hooks suited for the most common tiled roofs even in regions with snow loads as high as 300 kg/m² and more.


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