High-quality solar modules produced in-house – this is what the name Centrosolar represents. We believe in German quality and only sell solar modules from our own production sites.Centrosolar has been producing high quality, solar modules for over 20 years. We operate a start of the art solar module production facility in Wismar (capacity 500 MWp as of December 2011) and also produce high quality mounting systems and inverters.

Customers from the private building sector, industry and agriculture all trust in Centrosolar solar modules and value our quality “Made in Germany”.

Centrosolar UK is the latest subsidiary of Centrosolar AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Munich-based Centrosolar Group AG, an international company with over 1,000 employees and annual revenue of €403 million (2010).

Established in September 2010, Centrosolar UK has an experienced team of PV professionals, based here in the UK, who are available to help MCS accredited installers design, specify and install the very best German made solar products.


We have a wide range of our own MCS accredited crystalline modules aswell as inverters and mounting systems for every type of installation.


Centrosolar prides itself on producing the highest quality crystalline modules with resulting high performance. All our crystalline modules have the following features:

·         Positive power classes – upto +4.9%;

·         26 year performance guarantee;

·         10 year product warranty;

·         Anti reflective glass – upto 7% additional yield

·         Salt spray testing;

·         Low temp coefficient;

·         Upto 5,400 pa load;

Our high quality crystalline modules backed by our industry leading guarantees will ensure high yields throughout the full life of the feed in tariff.


Centrosolar is a European supply partner for SMA and also have our own inverter range Powerstocc.

Mounting systems:

Centrosolar manufacturers a range of mounting systems for pitched and flat roofs including a new lightweight mounting system - Ceniq. The new Ceniq system enables photovoltaic systems to be installed on flat roofs with minimum weight load and without damaging the roof cladding.

Weighing in at less than 10 kilograms per square metre, the roofing product is significantly lighter than conventional mounting systems, yet the stability is not compromised. Wind loads are also accounted for through the welding process, which absorbs the horizontal pressure, as well as the addition of a deflector on the rear side of the system, which reduces the suction force of the wind on the system.

Roof integration is simplified with existing super structures or lightning protection systems. All Centrosolar crystalline modules, as well as conventional module types of other manufacturers, can be installed with the Ceniq mounting system.

Centrosolar UK also offers the mounting system range from Renusol – our sister company in Centrosolar Group AG.


  • Centrosolar rolls out its online polling tool for the UK

    02 August 2012, 14:02 Updated: 02 August 2012, 15:29 | PV, Technology
    German solar giant, Centrosolar, has launched an English-language version of its Centrocheck solar planning tool for the UK solar market. The online portal is designed to help UK installers create fully-customised system designs as well as providing homeowners an easy way to evaluate the solar potential of their property.