SYSTOVI is a French manufacturer of innovative AEROVOLTAIC solutions.

The company was founded in 2008 and is based in Nantes (North West of France) - 60 employees.

Solar energy is an inexhaustible and free energy, but the best photovoltaic panels on the market are not used at their optimum yield, because even as they convert sunlight into electricity, they do not take advantage from the heat they generate...
Given this fact, SYSTOVI has decided to innovate and create the merger between photovoltaic and thermal panels. The hybrid product “R- VOLT” was born, and this is a revolution in the field of renewable energies.

With a single installation 100% by air, we are able to generate electricity, heating and hot water for the house.
For this unique aerovoltaic solution, SYSTOVI has got the Innovation Award to the international show “Batimat Paris” in 2013. The system can also cool the house during the hot summer nights thanks to the radiative effect.

"R-VOLT" uses both faces of the panels in order to optimize the solar station: Face A, the panels produce photovoltaic electrical energy, and face B the warm air is collected and blown into the house through a smart fan module directly connected to the digital thermostat.

Savings on the electricity and heating bills are very significant and the home comfort is increased thanks to the continuous renewal of air. In addition, the "R-VOLT" system is full black and completely integrated into the roof for a perfect aesthetic.

Welcome to the world of aerovoltaic technology ! (WHATCH THE VIDEO NOW)

The performance of the system:

- 700 W per panel including 250 Wp electric and 450 W heat: this is the highest yield in the world in terms of thermal performance and this solution is duly certified by the SolarKeymark European Certification.
- 1 kWh consumed: up to 30 kWh returned.
- 90% of pollutants are filtered and the air in the house is renewed completely in 30 minutes.
- From 30% to 60 % savings in electricity and heating.
- Supplier warranty for 10 years
Other products of the range:
- “R-SUN”: Solar thermal heating system 100% by air with insufflation into the house.
- “V-SYS”: Regular photovoltaic solution. 54 cells monocrystalline. CSTB and SolarKeymark Certifications.
Full black ultra-integrated design.
- “V-SYS AUTO”: Small photovoltaic kit (from 0,5 to 1,5 Kwp) for self-consumption.
Very easy installation “plug & play”.
Available on the ground, on-top or into the roof.


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