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Starting out in Solar Thermal? Want to know more about PV wind load calculation? Look no further. With its 33 years’ experience in the solar industry, Wagner Solar provides a range of courses to suit all professionals working in the solar industry. The Wagner Academy is an award winning training school and courses take place across nationwide with regular appearances at the key trade shows around the country. The UK based training academy was winner of the SOLAR Award in 2011.

Solar Thermal Basics: In this workshop we will give an overview of the Solar Thermal basics, and how we can help you to dimension a system and sizing the right components. We will show different ways to integrate the Solar Thermal system into existing heating systems. In the practical section you will learn how to install the collector plate using our TRIC mounting system, as well as filling and commission the system and programming the controller.

Solar Thermal Large-Scale: Large-Scale Solar Thermal systems (starting from 30m² in collector area) have a faster return of investment compared to single family homes and can easier achieve much lower prices for heating domestic hot water for multi-family homes, hotels or hospitals. Our large-scale course includes the following topics: Common technical layouts; Safety and hygiene standards; Calculations for return on investment.

If you are interested in any of these course, call us now on 01243 649 035 or visit www.wagner-academy.com for details of dates and availability.

  • Wagner Solar named Earthwise Products distributor

    12 March 2013, 17:36 Updated: 20 January 2014, 12:55 | PV
    Earthwise Products, the UK-based manufacturer of the SOLiC 200, has announced that it will be partnering with Wagner Solar UK, who will begin to stock the immersion controller.
  • Wagner Solar has a new TRIC up its sleeve

    10 July 2012, 17:25 Updated: 10 July 2012, 18:30 | Mounting System
    Wagner Solar is bringing its new TRIC F box, to the UK market. The TRIC is an extremely low ballast flat roof racking system that is suitable for all types of industrial flat roofs.

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