Westech Solar (UK) Ltd

Westech Solar UK is based in Oxford, England. Official UK representatives and suppliers of Perlight Solar PV modules and Westech Solar Thermal equipment.

Westech are passionate about the progression of renewable technologies, providing high-quality products, which offer excellent value. WesTech work to offer a secure, reliable and affordable source of solar energy products and a comprehensive range of solutions for all types of solar project to promote energy saving technologies and to combat climate change internationally through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Providing sales, logistical and after-sales support as well as offering a direct link to the factory production-line and technical departments. Westech also provide services to customers of all sizes, simplifying the procurement process and after sales requirements.

Westech Solar International

Westech Solar International is a trans-regional, large-scale enterprise specially engaged in research, development, production and sales of energy saving and renewable technology products.

Westech export products to 62 countries across the globe. Built to comply with and exceed global and local standards. Westech offer affordable solutions to cutting CO2 emissions and promote the use of sustainable energy sources wherever you are in the world.

Westech Solar (UK) Ltd

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United Kingdom

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